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Statement (PL January 2022)

Railways Are the Future: ABTE Against Neoliberalism-Daniel Quiles

text of Valeria González for the book IN SEARCH THE LOST SENSE papers editores (2010)

Daniel Quiles on The Chosen instrument II in Beginning with a Bang! Americas Society New York (2007)

a letter to Emma Dexter about COGHLAN show at Juana de Arco (2006) by Patricio Larrrambebere.

The ABTE temporary headquarters MAMBA 2002/03 (PL 2002)

The very substance of memory. by Beatriz Vignoli. Buenos Aires Herald, January 14th, 1994.

Rétournement: ABTE’s Railway Interventions Daniel R. Quiles

ABTE: Fifteen Years on the Rails Daniel R. Quiles


My body of work that has been developed during the last fifteen years has close links with realism. It is based on painting and graphics, but also on installations, performances, video and public space interventions.

Memory and identity are main factors of the work, but not explicitly. There are some clues of them in the use of time, objects, facts and skills related with the past. history has been always a starting point in several pieces, but there is no straight relation with History as an accurate fact.

I am getting aware that the relationship with the viewer at the exhibition space is getting more important and becomes a main feature during the process of thinking and producing. That is why during the last years my work has been going in and out of the art system: to look for other sources of inspiration and feedback.

Patricio Larrambebere, January 2022.

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