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Statement (PL August 2010)

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a letter to Emma Dexter about COGHLAN show at Juana de Arco (2006) by Patricio Larrrambebere.

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Dear Emma;

Thanks for your request and your interest in my work.

This recent exhibition is about painting as a structural part of the physical and the time of the objects, and not only as a decoration of the surface.

I took station nameboards and nameplates as objects where you can read out not only your geographical position, but also their layers of history, the different treatments and materials that took part of their structure. I showed them displaced from their original function trying to let all their physical conditions rise as the most important part (and not only the name of a location).

They are from enameled iron, tin foil, wood, cast iron letters.

All were taken away from their places during branch closures, privatizations, coups d’etat and refurbishments on the last fifty years.

Alamos is a station in the far south west of Buenos Aires province. It was founded by the british company buenos Aires southern railway (1862-1947).

The Eva Perón nameplate (enameled) was bought on Ebay, and was originally from La Plata station, that was named Eva Peron during the second period of the peronist government (1951-1955). I put them together because is interesting that the design and materials are the same with a difference of almost fifty years in manufacture.

Dr. L.M.Drago and Pueyrredón (tin foil) were disposed by the private company TBA due to refurbishments in 2004-2006.

The Coghlan nameboard was exchanged with a neighbour for a landscape painting in 2003. She got it in 1998 after being disposed by the TBA train company.

The Villa Sena (enameled) was bought on a flea market. This station was closed in the early seventies, and now is part of a big estancia (farm).

The Autotrol (automatization and control) piece is a map of the actual train tickets and the condition of the nameplates.

I printed the tickets in the original paper, but with inkjet due to the fading conditions of the original prints. They are forgeries, but useless. They have the same origin and destination, and i cut the photos as they appear on the ticket codes for reference of how the language is manipulated with codes.

Hope that all this would be of your interest.

Best wishes,

Patricio Larrambebere

2011 - (ESPAÑOL) 2A