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Statement (PL August 2010)

text of Valeria González for the book IN SEARCH THE LOST SENSE papers editores (2010)

Daniel Quiles on The Chosen instrument II in Beginning with a Bang! Americas Society New York (2007)

a letter to Emma Dexter about COGHLAN show at Juana de Arco (2006) by Patricio Larrrambebere.

The ABTE temporary headquarters MAMBA 2002/03 (PL 2002)

The very substance of memory. by Beatriz Vignoli. Buenos Aires Herald, January 14th, 1994.

Rétournement: ABTE’s Railway Interventions Daniel R. Quiles

ABTE: Fifteen Years on the Rails Daniel R. Quiles

The ABTE temporary headquarters was an installation from november 14th 2002 to January 31st 2003 at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

It was entirely built on original sheets of cardboard rescued from the remains of the Plaza constitución ticket printing workshops.

The structure was based on the local architecture and it was divided in four rooms resembling the activities of trainspotters and rail enthusiasts societies.


The archive and library, where the viewer can consult the ABTE ticketing collection and the specific bibliography .


The audiovisual room, where all the video and performances documentation can be seen on a screen, and where new releases during the time of the exhibition were presented.


The “white cube”; different linked projects were presented during the installation, such as:

-the photographs of “24 thoughts about our present railways”.

-the “ABTE magic Brain” selected by the artist Eduardo Molinari,

-“who’s watching who” intervention by the sculptor Michael Coombs (at Coghlan station and in the temporary headquarters),

-a collectors meeting for exchanging tickets.

-the performance “comida de estación” (station food) from the artist Gabriel Baggio.

The printing workshop, where was the original waterlow machine recovered for the exhibition, and after has been relocated at the national railway museum in Buenos Aires.

Agrupación Boletos Tipo Edmondson, September 2002.

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