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Statement (PL August 2010)

text of Valeria González for the book IN SEARCH THE LOST SENSE papers editores (2010)

Daniel Quiles on The Chosen instrument II in Beginning with a Bang! Americas Society New York (2007)

a letter to Emma Dexter about COGHLAN show at Juana de Arco (2006) by Patricio Larrrambebere.

The ABTE temporary headquarters MAMBA 2002/03 (PL 2002)

The very substance of memory. by Beatriz Vignoli. Buenos Aires Herald, January 14th, 1994.

Rétournement: ABTE’s Railway Interventions Daniel R. Quiles

ABTE: Fifteen Years on the Rails Daniel R. Quiles

this is the story of a group of features of different backgrounds, all gathered with no logical reason in this place, the tin station, which once was part (or still is?) of a certain system. These features are only waiting for a train that takes them away, but they do not do absolutely nothing to start any spiritual, mechanical, communicational or driving force. They go by, they just exist in the tin station...(to be completed)

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